Varend erfgoed Varia Nova

Vandaag op de boot holland was de aftrap van de fondsenwerving voor Coaster Varia Nova. Het is een prachtig schip, nu in gebruik als werkplaats van Albert Idzinga, de maker van de Alife sloep, waarmee ik op het Lauwersmeer erg lekker heb gezeild.

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Sculpture unboxing

My 1st 3d design. I am proud.


Made with moi3d
I made a real model first, though. Worked for me.

The name refers to the unboxing on YouTube, but also tries to say that many boxes can combine into one organic whole.

More -in Dutch- can be found on my site
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KISS principle in art

The KISS principle applies to art just as well as to many other things. A good example is this bowl by Barry Ferich.


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Peacock sculpture

Assembling sculptures out of scrap metal is fast becoming an addiction of mine. A healthy addiction for a change (discounting welding fumes).

The body of this peacock is made of a tire jack and snow chain.

I found the head by chance a few days later in a box of other parts. Coincidence is a big part of working this way. Luckily my patience is growing as I get older.

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View from my window this morning

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The death of Rush's drummer, Neil Peart, led to a re-acquaintance with the band.

I stumbled across the briljant song Animate.The lyrics seem oddly relevant to me, for a song more than 25 years old:

Polarize me
Sensitize me
Criticize me
Civilize me
Compensate me
Animate me
Complicate me
Elevate me

sculpture gazelle

A sculpture I created from old farming tool parts

I did not start out with a concrete goal. That's the beauty of assembling sculptures.

To my surprise a distinctive African feel crept into the sculpture.
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My boat and its adventures

I own an old aluminium rescue boat called ZeeFier. With her, I get a regular dose of spectacular #.

Please see
for more pictures. Stories and adventures are all in Dutch, though.

First dive into the Fediverse

I love exploring new places. Getting lost, turning random corners and finding hidden, quirky buildings, parks, people and art. I fully expect this dive into the Fediverse to offer me the same surprises.

I always avoided regular social media because to me, it turns into one big shouting match. I hope things are different here.
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